Bogor , the city of rain with thousands of beauties. This cool-air city has developed into a tourist area with a series of charms. Not only is the Puncak area worth visiting, there are dozens of other Bogor tourist attractions that are no less interesting.

What tourist attractions in Bogor can you visit during your next vacation? Here are some of them that we can recommend.

Latest Tourist Attractions in Bogor

With the widespread use of Instagram, we can get acquainted with many tourist attractions in Bogor that many travelers may not know about.


Some of them have become mandatory destinations for travelers from the millennial generation. Maybe you are also one of them.


1. Hill Gantole Paragliding Peak

This Bogor tourist spot is most suitable for lovers of extreme sports. It is located on Jalan Raya Puncak Km 87, Paragliding Hill, Puncak.

When else can we be on the air while selfie? By paying the specified fare, we can fly from the height of Puncak Bogor for 10 minutes.


Apart from paragliding, visitors can also relax and enjoy views of the city of Bogor from a height and take selfies.


2. Nusantara flower garden

If Bandung has Cihideung, Bogor has the Nusantara Flower Garden which is no less photogenic.

This Bogor tourist spot was built on an area of ​​23 hectares. Filled with beautiful flowers nicely arranged.


Visitors can try out the labyrinth garden, go-karts, bumper boats or ATV races. The musical fountain is pretty too, you know.

Taman Bunga Nusantara is located in the City of Flowers Tourism area, Jalan Mariwati Kilometer 7, Kawungluwuk Village, Sukaresmi, Cianjur.


3. Highland Park Resort

This tourist spot in Bogor offers glamping, a star-hotel-style camping concept which is currently booming in Indonesia.

Located at Curug Nangka, Kp. Sinarwangi, Taman Sari, Highland Park Resort offers the sensation of staying with a view of Mount Salak as a backdrop.

They also provide Mongolian-style tents with complete facilities and various games. These include swimming pools, slides, karaoke, foot reflexology, futsal, and flying fox.


Rate: IDR 1,500,000.00 (minimum rate per night)


4. Mount Pancar Tourist Park


For those of you who want to feel a picnic in the middle of nature, there's nothing wrong with visiting the pine forest in the Mount Pancar Tourism Park area.


This Bogor tourist spot is a camping ground in Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency.

Apart from camping, the beautiful scenery is also often hunted for contemporary selfies or pre-wedding photos.


Tarif: Rp5.000,00 (weekdays), Rp7.500,00 (weekend)

5. Cibaliung Waterfall

Apart from Mount Pancar Tourism Park, Karang Tengah also has a natural tourist attraction in the form of a beautiful waterfall.

This is the Cibaliung Waterfall, which has clear blue water and is cool. Not many tourists know about the existence of this waterfall.



Fare: IDR 10,000.00


6. Ciherang Waterfall & Hanging Wooden Bridge


A viewing post at the height of the hill with beautiful views around can be found in the Ciherang Curug tourist area.

Here newly built tree houses and wooden hanging bridges to enjoy the natural beauty around. The wooden bridge itself is very Instagramable.


Tarif: Rp5,000,00

ourist Attractions in Bogor Most Hits

7. Warso Farm

Here tourists can taste freshly harvested durian fruit. There is also dragon fruit which is also ready to be picked. The location of this Bogor tourist spot is Cihideung Village, Cipelang, Cijeruk District.

Tariff: Free, IDR 50,000.00-IDR 60,000.00 (per fruit)

8. Tirta Sanita Ciseeng Hot Springs

This Bogor tourist spot, the Parung area offers the sensation of soaking in hot water in a natural infinity pool. The water containing sulfur and salt is good for skin health and beauty.

At Tirta Sanita there is also a private wading pool and various types of therapy. Leech therapy and fish pedicure are also available. For children there is an outbound area and games such as mini rickshaws and boats.


Fare: IDR 8,000.00 (children), IDR 12,000.00 (adults)


9. Alesano Hill

Bogor's Bukit Bintang offers the sensation of camping on a hilltop, surrounded by views of the city of Bogor that looks like a sprinkling of stars at night.


Sunrise and the view of Mount Salak-Gede Pangrango as seen from the top of Alesano is also beautiful, you know.

Because it is still relatively new, this tourist spot in Bogor is still not officially managed.

Rates: Voluntary

10. Leuwi Lieuk

This relatively new tourist spot in Bogor is no less than the Green Canyon Pangandaran and Bali's Angel's Billabong. Located in Kampung Wangun Cileungsi, Karang Tengah.


To reach Leuwi Lieuk you have to swim from Leuwi Cepet, then trekking for about 5 minutes. It's a bit complicated, but the view of the turquoise green river that awaits is worth the effort.

Fare: IDR 10,000.00

11. Little Venice City of Flowers

Want to enjoy a European feel in the canal city of Venice? Just stop by Venice KW at Little Venice Bogor.

This tourist spot in Bogor is part of the City of Flowers Tourism. Tourists can paddle the gondola in artificial canals that are exactly like the original Venice.


Tarif: Rp20,000,00

12. Jungleland Adventure Theme Park

Jungleland can be said to be Bogor's Dufan. This theme park, which was built on an area of ​​35 hectares, is equipped with 31 rides that will never make you bored.

Tarif: Rp100.000,00 (weekdays), Rp220.000,00 (weekend)


Those are the tourist attractions in Bogor that are being hit by travelers. Please visit one of them if you have the opportunity to have a vacation in Bogor.

Tourist Attractions in Bogor Nirvana

Bogor Nirwana Residence is a residence with a series of tourist attractions. There are several interesting places that can be visited here. Starting from culinary tours to amusement parks with contemporary concepts.

In the following, we present several tourist attractions in Bogor Nirwana Residence that you can visit when you stop by the city of Bogor.


13. The Jungle Water Adventure


These are tourist attractions in Bogor that are suitable for children and families. Presenting a variety of exciting water rides with an outdoor concept.

The Jungle Water Adventure is located on Jalan Bogor Nirwana Boulevard Dreded Pahlawan. Inside there is also a 4D Cinema and Futsal Fountain.

Tarif: Rp80.000,00 (weekdays), Rp95.000,00 (weekend)

14. The Jungle Fest

The Jungle Fest is located at Jalan Dreded, Bogor Nirwana Residence. This place operates on Saturday and Sunday only.


This small playground offers a variety of classic games for children. For example, merry-go-rounds and the Ferris wheel.

Tarif: Rp15,000,00

15. Water House Bogor Nirwana Residence

What's going on at Rumah Air Bogor Nirwana Residence? There are a row of huts by the pool where visitors can enjoy a variety of traditional culinary delights. Accompanied by live music as well. The dining atmosphere is definitely getting more enjoyable.

Rumah Air is located on Jalan Boulevard CBD Bogor Nirwana Residence. Here you can also try the facilities in the outbound arena available here.


Rates: varied


16. Travel

European-flavored tourist attractions in Bogor? Devoyage is the answer. Located on Jalan Boulevard Bogor Nirwana Residence Mulyaharja, South Bogor, this newly inaugurated tourist spot offers Little Europe in the middle of the city. There is the Eiffel Tower, mini Bryggen, and Venetian-style winding canals.


Tarif: Rp25.000,00 (weekdays), Rp35.000,00 (weekend)

Those are the tourist attractions in Bogor Nirwana Residence that you should visit.


Tourist Attractions in South Bogor

The South Bogor area also has many tourist attractions worth visiting. Some are located in the Bogor Nirwana Residence area, for example Devoyage and The Jungle. The rest are in Sentul, and .

Here are some tourist attractions in South Bogor that you can visit.


22. The Illusion Bogor

The Illusion presents unique photo spots with a touch of illusion from 3D paintings and completely reversed properties for Upside Down movie-style photos.

You can get a cheaper price by ordering an entrance ticket on a booking site.


Tarif: Rp70.000,00 (on location)

23. Bogor Mini Zoo


Bogor Mini Zoo is a mini zoo that carries the concept of educational tourism. This place is suitable for a vacation with family, especially children. The reason is here they can play with animals that are classified as tame.


Fare: IDR 35,000.00 (children), IDR 40,000.00 (adults)

24. Batutulis Inscription

Located at Batutulis Street No. 54, this tourist spot in Bogor is a historical site left by the Kingdom of Pajajaran. The inscription contains a story about the greatness of King Siliwangi. Apart from the inscriptions, there are also several other artifacts.

Rates: Free


Those are recommendations for various tourist attractions in Bogor that you can visit during your holidays. Prepare your budget and vacation carefully in advance.