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Our happy clients

Eva Hicks

Eva Hicks

A few days ago we joined a new but very experienced travel agency (name travel agency) for a one-day-trip to the Baduy tribe. One word to describe our day: amazing! We were picked up by our private driver, Risky. Who gave us immediately a warm and safe welcome. His company during the whole trip was a big plus! His mind was very sharp, he shared knowledge about other tribes, life in Indonesia, picked up our interests and went deep into it. And all in perfect English. Our guide Freddie, is the captain of the travel agency. Luckily both Risky and Freddie accompanied us, even though it was their holiday (end of Ramadan). Really appreciate it!

Donald Wolf

Donald Wolf

We started the drive to the Baduy tribe with some good coffee. Either at Starbucks or at a local cafe. Freddie made sure we had enough water. During the drive, Freddie started to explain about the Baduy tribe, religions, advice about our trip in Indonesia, and we talked about life. We passed rice fields, nature and villages on the way. We also stopped at a local village to buy some delicious local snacks. To be honest, the drive itself was already much fun.

Charlie Harrington

Charlie Harrington

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